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Who can join?
Any type of Canadian accommodation facility, including hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts.

What is the cost to join?
There is no cost or annual fees to join our green certified program. However, there is a large cost to our environment and our cities if we don’t establish green standards.

GREEN Hotel Rating System
Our rating system is very simple. Please conduct an evaluation of your environmental performance, covering four beneficial areas: energy conservation, resource conservation, environmental management and pollution prevention. If you have implemented 5 of the environmental programs or practices listed below you will receive green leaf AWARDS. Just count the number of leafs per program. It's that easy! 

Leaf Rating is as follows: 5 leafs awards you a 1 leaf rating, 8 awards 2 leafs, 10 awards 3 leafs, 12 awards 4 leafs and the ultimate rating is all 14 which awards 5 leafs. 

Just copy the image, text or html below and paste on your sites homepage.  Send us an email and we’ll add your green facility to our website.

Reduce your impact on the environment, increase efficiency, and achieve cost savings.

Programs and Leaf Awards:


greenleaf Linens and Towels Reuse Program 


This facility encourages energy and water conservation by offering a linens and towels reuse program.



greenleaf Support or Use Alternative Energy


This facility supports or uses clean energy in the form of wind power, solar power, hydro-electric power and/or biofuel.



greenleaf Participate in an Energy Conservation Program


This facility participates in energy reduction. They reduce heat and cooling costs, lighting, and through reduction of hotel water and laundry costs.



greenleaf Installed Compact Fluorescent Lighting


This facility uses compact fluorescent lighting which is brighter, lasts years longer, and uses a fraction of the amount of energy than standard lighting.



greenleaf Uses Energy Efficient Appliances


This facility uses appliances that provide large gains in energy efficiency and reduction of pollution.



greenleaf Uses Low-Flow Showers/Toilets


This facility uses low-flow toilets which are specifically designed to use less water during each flush. Whereas low-flow showerheads use less hot water which means less water and energy wasted. 



greenleaf Uses Bulk Soap and Toiletries (as opposed to individually wrapped)


This facility uses bulk soap and toiletries in order to reduce a huge amount of waste by Individually wrapped toiletries.



greenleaf Recycles: Newspapers, disposables, service Items, or In-room recycling


This facility has focused on collecting recyclable materials from the hotel’s waste ... organizing and implementing a hotel recycling program.



greenleaf Composts Food Waste


This facility composts food waste in order to
avoid methane production and leachate formation in landfills by diverting organics from landfills into compost.



greenleaf Property offers Organic Inspired Foods on their Menu


GREEN BENEFIT: The elimination of polluting chemicals pesticides, hormones, or fertilizers and nitrogen leaching, done in combination with soil building, protects and conserves water resources.



greenleaf Uses Non-Toxic, Earth Friendly Cleaning Agents


Property uses earth friendly products throughout the hotel that no longer release chemicals into the environment in wastewater and impact our air, water and soil quality.



greenleaf Uses re-usable service Items (non-disposable cups, plates, silverware, etc.)


This facility reduces waste significantly by minimizing its disposable food service items considerably by using re-usable dishware in their rooms and for room service.



greenleaf Fresh-Air Exchange Systems


This property is a part of a fresh-air exchange system whereas they allow it's windows to open so that guests can breathe fresh and healthy air.



greenleaf Offers Green Education to Staff and/or Guests


It’s imperative that we educate and communicate all the benefits of “Green Hotel” and “Green Travel to ensure we all strive to protect our children’s future earth.

Email the environmental programs above that your facility has implemented for your green certification.

The green leaf awards reflect your hotel’s environmental achievements and is designed to encourage greater environmental activities among hotels across Canada.


Once approved and rating established copy the appropriate image to your site
and link to

  • 5 programs  = 1 leaf rating
  • 8 programs  = 2 leaf rating
  • 10 programs = 3 leaf rating
  • 12 programs = 4 leaf rating
  • 14 programs = 5 leaf rating

1 green leaf award

2 green leaf award

3 green leaf award

4 green leaf award

5 green leaf award

Green Attractions and Activities greenleaf
Top Canadian Hotels recognizing organizations, travel guides and green activities that are environmentally-friendly.
Help us promote travel by cutting down on the carbon consumption by participating in local area with green activities. Contact us if you have a green business you wish to add to our growing eco-friendly activities.

To be added to our website and Green Leaf Program, please send us an email about your
environmental practices in your facility.  If you meet the 5 of the eco-friendly programs will add your
Green Leaf greenleaf next to your hotel, motel, resort, or bed and breakfast facility listing. 

Thank you for supporting the environment.


Watch for the green leaf for eco-friendly lodging and travel destinations, committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.
Taking a green approach to travel is an easy and essential way to protect the places you love to visit.
We offer many green travel tips that will help to reduce your carbon footprint considerably.greenleaf
Join us in supporting the environment.

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